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TabellenDynaPDF contains a very powerful table class that can be used to create tabular contents. A table splits an arbitrary rectangular area into rows and columns. Each table cell can contain fore- and background objects, as well as text, images, templates, and other tables.

A table is an independent object that is not released with the PDF file in memory. A table can be drawn arbitrary often and into an arbitrary number of PDF files. The content and output position can be changed at any time. In addition, tables support page breaks and header rows which will be repeated when a page break occurs.

Tables can not only be used for address fields or order data for example, they simplify also the digital sheet assembly. Imported pages can be inserted into cells and aligned or rotated like other contents. The page orientation and a maybe existing crop box will be taken into account and this makes the sheet assembly very easy.

The table, rows, columns, and cells support many identical properties. The properties of a cell are inherited from the table, column and row, in this order. Therefore, the font of a column, for example, can be changed with just one command.

The property inheritance simplifies the definition of table properties considerably and keeps the code small.

The table class is available in all DynaPDF versions.