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Image DynaPDF is licensed per developer seat. The number of end users, or whether DynaPDF is used on client or server systems, is irrelevant for the calculation of the license fee. A developer workplace refers to a person and not to the number of computer systems which is being used. Pure test systems, e.g. in quality assurance, are no developer workplaces. The delivery of DynaPDF is royalty-free and causes no additional licensing costs, regardless of whether DynaPDF is linked statically or dynamically.

Each DynaPDF license includes one year of free software maintenance. The maintenance includes minor and major updates. Therefore, your license key works with all versions that are released during the maintenance period, even if the major version was increased in the meantime.

The maintenance fee is 10% of the license price including all options per year. The maintenance can be ordered for up to 5 years in advance. In this case, you get additional discounts, depending on duration.

The maintenance can be renewed within two years after the expiration at no extra cost.

Customers with a maintenance agreement get a license key with unlimited duration. Therefore, it is no longer required to replace the license key every time the maintenance was renewed.

All licenses have of course no limited duration. The software maintenance refers to updates and does not limit the duration of a license. After expiry of the maintenance, the license key does not work with newer versions that are released after the maintenance period, but it works of course with all previous versions.

In addition to the normal software maintenance, service level agreements are available to prioritize the correction of errors. In particular, minor issues are normally bundled and fixed in the next regular update run.

For customers with a service level agreement that is different. Those errors have always the highest priority, no matter whether it is just a small issue or a critical error. The error must also be solved in a specific time, e.g. within 5 or 7 days. Therefore, you can better plan your own updates and you know when a fix will be available in advance.