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Programming languagesDynaPDF can be used with C/C++, C#, Delphi, Lazarus, PHP, VB, VBA, and VB .Net. In addition, DynaPDF is also available as MBS Plugin at Monkeybread Software for FileMaker, Real Studio and Xojo. With exception of the C/C++ interface, the DynaPDF API is encapsulated into a class. Since the classes consider the particular characteristics of the programming language, the usage is very easy and comfortable.

All language bindings are of course thread-safe and the interfaces are 64 bit compatible if the programming language supports it.

BTW - DynaPDF also be used with many other programming languages like Python, Visual FoxPro or VB Script, also if no pre-defined interface is available for such programming languages.

The condition for a successful integration is that the programming language is able to execute functions from an external library. This is the case in most programming languages.