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ImageUpdates are a constant annoyance for many developers. Changed APIs or functions which suddenly no longer do what they should. The list of problems is often much too long and wastes just time. Who wants to reinvent the same wheel over and over again? Exactly, no one! Therefore, there is a very simple but effective rule for DynaPDF: The API remains as it is!

This applies of course only to existing functions. New functions can be added at anytime.

From this rule can only be deviated, if at all, in major upgrades. Then, however, only in a very limited degree.

Also functions, which are marked as obsolete since years, remain in the library.

Upgrades are in DynaPDF therefore no problem. It should be as easy as possible for you to switch to a newer version. This saves not only you a lot of time, but also ourselves.

BTW - In the download area you have access to the last 10 versions. Should something go wrong with an update, you can still download a previous version and don't need to wait for the next update.