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ImageAnyone who needs to edit or create PDF files on client / server systems, requires a PDF library that can deal with current PDF files in the future. The PDF format was greatly extended in recent years and the development does never end. A PDF library must keep pace with this development but it is almost impossible to implement all new features immediately after the publication of a new version of PDF. Therefore, a PDF library should ensure that new features do not lead to errors or even data loss.

In DynaPDF this is of course the case. The PDF import is version independent and therefore supports features that do not even exist today. As long as the PDF syntax will not be changed, any PDF file can be imported correctly and saved without data loss.

Due to the variety of applications which can create PDF files today, the error handling and repair capabilities for damaged files play also an increasingly important role. The repair capabilities must be at least as good as the ones in common PDF viewers to avoid unnecessary support requests.

Therefore, we take care that also heavily damaged files can still be opened with DynaPDF. Not all damages must necessarily be repaired, that would be an almost impossible task, but the intact parts of a PDF file should still be accessible.

Of course, DynaPDF leaves file errors not in the dark. Almost all repairs and found errors are stored in an error log. For problems, the error source can therefore be determined quite quickly. Since practically all errors are logged, DynaPDF must of course itself produce very clean files.