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Note for RealBasic / Xojo and FileMaker users:

Please note that the license key will not work with the DynaPDF plugin for RealBasic, Xojo or FileMaker, that is distributed by Monkeybread Software. Please order the license(s) directly at Monkeybread Software if you want to use these plugins.

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Maintenance Agreement:Customers with a maintenance agreement get a license key that never expires. The maintenance fee is 10% of the license price including all options plus service level per year. The currency for maintenance invoices is always Euro. You receive the invoice annually by email in PDF format. The payment due is 14 days net. Please note that failure to meet the payment due will disable the option maintenance agreement for your customer number. A subsequent reactivation is not possible.
PDF/A Extension:The PDF/A extension unlocks the function CheckConformance for imported PDF files. Therefore, arbitrary PDF files can be converted to PDF/A 1b or normalized. During normalization, the same rigorous checks are performed as for the PDF/A conversion, but the file can use all PDF features and it is not required to embed all fonts.