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ImageAll DynaPDF versions can be used with PDF 5.3 or higher. The PHP extension is a class module, therefore all methods and constants are bound to the class dynapdf. There are no global constants or functions that may conflict with other extensions. With very few exceptions all DynaPDF functions are available in the PHP extension.

The PHP extension is delivered with source codes so that own functions can be added if necessary. In addition to the normal DynaPDF functions a table class is available too. This class simplifies especially the creation of invoices and other tabular content.

The default encoding for text and file paths is Unicode (UTF-8) but it is also possible to use 8 bit code pages.

The installation on a web server is very easy: Copy the dynapdf.so pr php_dynapdf.dll into an arbitrary directory that is accessible for the user. This path must be set in the PHP.ini at extension_dir, e.g. extension_dir=/yourdomain.com/php_modules. Now we must add the extension itself: extension=dynapdf.so or php_dynapdf.dll on Windows, finished!