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ImageThe rendering engine converts specific pages or entire PDF files to images. The output can be stored in proprietary image formats or directly displayed on screen.
For displaying on screen, there are also pre-defined Delphi, C# and VB. Net controls to integrate a PDF viewer in your applications easy as possible.

The viewer control does all the complicated things, such as multi-threading, scrolling, zooming, and so on, it is only required to associate the commands with a menu and toolbar. The controls can therefore be seamlessly integrated into your applications.

The rendering engine supports all features which are required to correctly display PDF files. This includes PDF transparency, layers, external CMaps (important for Asian PDF files) and color management. It is also possible to apply a soft proof to simulate another destination color space.

Color management is essential for a correct color representation. Especially CMYK color spaces cannot be displayed adequately on screen without color management.

Currently, the rendering engine is a pure software renderer. For the end of the year, the integration of OpenGL is planned. OpenGL is especially suitable for computation-intensive operations, and OpenGL is available on most operating systems.