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All DynaPDF Demo versions are fully functional, but a demo string appears on newly created or edited pages. You can develop your application entirely with the demo version. Later you can simply set the license key to deactivate the demo string.

Please note that the Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X archives contain the shared and static library and a few examples only. Please download at least the help file too.

The demo packages provide the Professional Edition which is not restricted. To check whether a function which is disabled in DynaPDF Starter or Lite, pass the string "Starter" or "Lite" to SetLicenseKey(), depending on the version you want to use. All functions which are disabled in these versions return then with an error. If you don't use an error callback function then call GetErrorMessage() to determine whether a disabled function was called.

BTW - DynaPDF is also available as MBS Plugin for FileMaker, Real Studio and Xojo. You find more information on the Monkeybread Software website.

Available Versions:
Description Name Size Date (m-d-y)
Windows Installer for Win 2000, XP, 2003, 7, 8, 10 or higher (recommended) dynapdf.msi 27,899.00 KB 04-05-2019
Windows Zip Archive dynapdf.zip 28,202.38 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for HP-UX Itanium (64 bit) hp-ux-ia64.zip 15,436.35 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for Linux x86 (32 Bit) linux-32.zip 9,556.38 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for Linux x86 (64 bit) linux-64.zip 9,996.06 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for Mac OS X 10.9 or higher (x64) macos.zip 9,088.31 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for Solaris 10 or higher (SPARC 64 bit) solaris-64.zip 15,125.06 KB 04-05-2019

Description Name Size Date (m-d-y)
PHP Extension Source Codes for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X php_module.zip 333.37 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for PHP 5.3 (32 bit Windows, 32/64 bit Linux) php_5.3.zip 20,094.47 KB 04-05-2019
DynaPDF for PHP 5.4 (32 bit Windows, 32/64 bit Linux) php_5.4.zip 20,138.52 KB 04-05-2019

Additional files:

Description Name Size Date (m-d-y)
DynaPDF Help file dynapdf_help.pdf 3,742.60 KB 03-21-2019
DynaPDF for PHP dynapdf_for_php.pdf 308.96 KB 03-21-2019
DynaPDF 3.0 Implementation Notes dynapdf_note3.pdf 101.93 KB 05-11-2016
License Agreement license.pdf 39.22 KB 08-15-2018
DynaPDF 4.0 Compatibility Notes dynapdf_note4.pdf 61.05 KB 05-11-2016
Changes of the license agreement license_changes.pdf 46.76 KB 08-15-2018